"Differences Among Brands & How To Choose?" by CHGD STAFF on February 19, 2011, 6:26 pm, in category General
Differences Among Brands & How To Choose

There are close to a dozen different brands of quartz surfacing so the natural question that arises often involves how and if they're different from one another. In other words, does it matter which brand you choose?

The short answer to that is "not really." The process used to make quartz surfacing and the materials and machinery used is virtually the same across the various brands. The majority, save for Cambria products, are made outside the U.S. and are manufactured using similar kinds of equipment.

The makeup of the material itself is the same across brands, about 93% of it made up of crushed quartz with the remainder being a combination of a resin binder and pigment.

What sets the quartz countertop manufacturers apart is the quantity and selection of colors and patterns. However, even in that sense, there are still many similarities among the different makers.