"Which is cheaper?" by CHGD STAFF on February 19, 2011, 6:22 pm, in category General
Which Is Cheaper - Granite Or Quartz?
This is a question that's commonly asked when homeowners are considering quartz or granite for their next countertop surface.

Generally speaking, quartz is considered more expensive than granite.  This is the short answer to the question.

However, if you want to understand why granite is cheaper (generally speaking), read on.

A more thoughtful answer to this question is as variable as the types of stone and quartz you can choose from, and it all depends on the particular type of granite or quartz that you select.

For example, there are many granite countertops are under 50 per square feet.  There are a few granites over 100 per square foot as well. Most consumers, designers, builders will able to find a color that works for their kitchen under 50 per square feet.

Quartz countertops are generally more than 50 per square feet.  However, choosing a 60-per-square-foot quartz product and you'll still pay less than some premium granite colors.