"Multi-Purpose Kitchen" by CHGD STAFF on December 11, 2010, 1:22 pm, in category General
Today's kitchen is viewed as the activity center of the entire home. It's a place where the whole family lives and interacts, a fun, social space that's usually the most popular room in the house. Multi-level islands are in demand for kitchen these days. A lot of folks like them because they can put to various uses. With granite, you can eat on them, chop on them and work on them. The shiny and hardness of granite has made the gathering around the islands more enjoyable. Kitchens are multi-functional rooms today, where families are entertained, or helping kids with homework, or simply eating. Islands with granite top help facilitate those activities and are very popular because of the enhancement they provide for the overall functionality of the space.

Luxury Kitchens today are no longer separate rooms, but socializing centers that often open into adjacent family rooms, as in this space designed by Robert M. Swedroe Architects & Planners.


The experts agree that the rage in countertops today is natural stone. Five years ago, granite countertops were rare. Sooner, it will be the standard. Granite is durable, scratch resistant, heat resistant and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.


Luxury kitchens in today's high rises are more in tune with individual owner's tastes than ever before. Buyers are looking for styles that reflect their own taste, character, and personality.

And we are responding with a range of quality high-end granite countertops to provide you with wide selection choices to fit your need.

The kitchen in most condomium is not very big. Therefore, lighter colors would make the space look bigger. A black countertop would have confined the space.

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