"How to Remove Laminate Countertops" by Adam123 on February 20, 2011, 3:31 pm, in category General
If you're having new countertops installed, you can often save money on your contractor's bill by removing the old ones yourself.

Removing existing laminate countertops is easy as 1,2,3 and 4.

Step 1.  Turn off the stop valve to your sink and use a wrench to loosen and remove the water supply lines. Use large mouth plumber's pliers to twist the lock not holding the drainpipe in place and remove it as well. Remove the hold down clips to your sink. Typically there will be two on each side of the sink. Use locking pliers to twist the nuts loose and remove them from the hold down clip bolts. The bottom of the clip will then fall away. Lift the sink and faucet out of its hole. Use a flat pry bar under the lip of the sink if needed to pull it loose from its caulking.

Step 2.
Remove the caulking using a utility knife from the edge of the backsplash lip where it meets the wall. Be careful to remove as much as you can from any surface that you plan to save, so that when you pull off the counters, it doesn’t damage the wall.

Step 3.
Unscrew the countertop.  From the underside of the cabinets, remove every screw that you can find attached the countertop to the cabinet.  Usually, you will find them along the front and the along the back.

Step 4.
Finally, you are ready to take the old counters off. Have someone assist you with the lifting and removal.