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Founded in 1987, CaesarStone is the original quartz surface manufacturer. Caesar stone is comprised of 93% natural quartz, and its surface offers the ultimate combination of form and function, allowing for a more diverse, durable, and practical countertop surfacing material than either granite or marble. With its stain, scratch, and heat-resistant properties, CaesarStone is the ideal choice for care-free countertops.

*** the above chart is provided by http://www.caesarstone.ca/advantages.aspx.

A leading brand combining the best of nature with cutting-edge expertise and inspiring design, CaesarStone manufactures and markets 93% natural quartz surfaces. These high-tech quartz surfaces are a perfect choice for various quartz countertops as bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops and tabletops and offer ideal solutions for a variety of applications as flooring, wall paneling and so much more.

All Caesarstone quartz surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Our non-porous quartz surfaces require minimal maintenance - there's no need to seal or wax the surface.

Caesarstone's rich history and Israeli kibbutz origins resonate to this day with a profound emphasis on sustainability. With Quartz being one of nature's most abundant minerals, Caesarstone firmly believes that being a responsible environmental partner is paramount to providing a quality product.

The Residential 10 year Limited Warranty is available only to the original owner of a single family residence in which Caesarstone has been originally installed. For more information, visit www.caesarstone.com

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