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Environment and Sustainability Overview

Environmental Benefits

One of nature's most durable materials, quartz, is the world's most abundant mineral - silica or silicon dioxide (SiO2). Found almost everywhere on the earth's surface - its long-lasting durability, and the fact that it is entirely non-toxic means that quartz products have a relatively small eco-footprint, making it the ideal eco-friendly choice for care-free kitchen and bath.

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Recycled Quartz

In an effort to decrease the impact resulting from extraction and processing of raw materials, many quartz manufacturers use recyable content such as glass and mirror. The recycled content of this eco-friendly quartz product helps to reduce the demand for primal raw materials, and thus protecting the planet's precious resources.

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By choosing quartz surface countertops, you will benefit from the natural and environmentally friendly attributes of a quartz surface. Its nonporous nature prevents growth of surface mold and microbes and ensures a healthier environment, while the low-maintenance requirements of the surface decrease the use of harmful detergents in the ecosystem.

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