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    Which is better....Quartz or Granite?

    Stone countertops continue to dominate the market, so how do you choose. The main difference between granite and quartz is that granite is one large piece of stone mined from the earth. This can lead to pieces of stone that wildly vary. A granite countertop may have a large black vein running through it in one area but not another area. This is what mother nature gives us and that's the beauty of it.
    Quartz, on the other hand, is a stone that has been ground up and added to a "slurry" then poured into a slab. This man made stone process makes the coloring very uniform, no matter how big the slab. Both granite and quartz are very durable, but granite requires a little more work. Granite does need to be sealed at least once a year. This is not a hard is similar to applying RainX to your windshield. As an all-natural stone, granite is pourous and may stain. Quartz, a product made from stone, is not pourous, will not scratch, and never needs sealed. Granite and quartz are similar in pricing, but granite has more colors and the price can vary dramatically depending on the color. In the end, it is a personal preference.

    1. What is granite?

    Granite is a tough, natural, durable rock composed of quartz, feldspar, black micas, and other minerals.

    Here is a video which shows you how to care and clean your granite countertops.

    2. What are the benefits of granite countertops?

    Granite is durable, scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant (after being sealed), and easy to maintain.

    3. Will my granite looks as same as the sample?

    Installed granite countertops may not be exactly like the showroom sample. Each product has unique natural patterns, markings, veining, and darker or lighter spots. Each peice of granite countertop is unique. Most people view these characteristics as part of the stone's natural essence.

    4. Do I need to demolish or remove the existing countertop?

    Yes! Your existing or old countertop need to be remove. Our installation does not include the removal of your existing countertop. We can remove it at additional charge.

    5. How long does it normally take for an installation?

    While each project varies depending on the size of the kitchen. Typically, it should take about 4-7 hours to install the granite countertops.

    6. Will seams show on my granite countertop?

    Because granite is a natural material and is mined from the quarry in blocks, the maximum length is about 10' long. Thus, you will ultimately end up with seams. The visibility of seams will depend on the granularity, colour and pattern.

    Please also watch this Care and Maintainance video Care and Maintainance video

    7. Does granite stain?

    In general, no. All stone, however, is porous to some extent, but granite has very little porosity. Thus the rule of thumb is, you must seal the granite once a year to prevent any chances of staining the stone.

    8. How do I clean natural stone?

    DON'T let any spill sit too long on natural stone. Clean spills up (preferably by blotting) as soon as you can.

    Clean stone surfaces with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent using a clean rag and warm water. Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with the soap solution and dry with a soft cloth.

    Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids on the granite. The high acid content may etch the surface.

    7. How to seal granite countertops?

    It's very easy to seal your granite countertops. See the pictures below.

    This is the general sealing process. Consult each brand of sealer's instruction for the process.

    9. What pre-fab granite countertop sizes do you stock?

    Standard counter tops Size- 26" x 96" , 26" x upto 119" depending on the colors
    Island Size ? 86" X 36"
    Peninsula Size - 96" x 28"

    10. Can I install granite countertops myself?

    If you are a handyman and comfortable with the process, you can install the counter tops yourself. However, it is "not" recommended for most people.

    11. What is the best way to transport granite?

    Granite must be carried vertically. If you lay it flat, you will risk the chance of breaking it. You can build a simple "A" frame out of 2x4's, and strap the granite to the "A" frame with ratcheting tie down straps.

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